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The paces of history stride forward all the time. Zhejiang Wu Yi ZongHeng Tools Co., Ltd. and achievement capable on a lot of people of efforts and struggles today. However, compared with world-class enterprise of the internationalization, we also have obvious disparity.

China is changing towards the trend that is globalized today in the times, in this way what we faced will be the competition that is globalized, with the rapid development of market economy at the same time, we entered an era taking customer as the direction, in this era, must place the customer’s interests above the other things!

The economic globalization has brought the opportunity to us and brought challenges too, in the future competition, we will tackle the competition rule of internationalization and commercial standard, only really outstanding enterprise people could win competition. In this way we can’t stay in at yesterday’s achievement, we, while continuing repeating the past successful factor enlargedly, need to change the management ideas of all incompatibility market trends and behavior habit, further stimulate the passion and vigor of the organization of the group, give full play to our innovation ability, constantly self-transcending, create one source of power of flourishing development, promote prosperous Thai global competitive power fast.

We know and can not leave in development of an enterprise the positive participation of the group and cooperate, it is the same to be prosperous and safe, so, I am so ardent as to expect every safe prosperous staff to fully give play to one’s own ability and talent, full of positive working enthusiasm forever, devote a strength for prosperous Thai future success! Struggle for further promoting China to cast the development of the products trade too!

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